Canberra has signed a contract with Kongsberg Defence Systems to integrate a radio frequency (RF) seeker developed by the BAE Systems Australia into the company's Joint Strike Missle (JSM).

The value of the contract is is Nkr150 million ($17.3 million), according to the Norweigian firm.

"JSM is the 5th generation long-range precision strike missile that will be integrated for internal carriage on the F-35," says Kongsberg.

"Using a combination of advanced materials, ability to fly low, while following the terrain and using advanced passive seekers, the missile is extremely difficult to detect and stop even for the most advanced countermeasures and defence systems."

The BAE RF seeker will add to missiles capabilities, allowing it to locate targets based on their electronic signature.

"This will further strengthen the capabilities of JSM for the most challenging scenarios in a modern battlefield," says Kongsberg.

The Royal Australian Air Force plans to eventually operate up to 100 F-35A fighters.