Kuwait has received its first of an expected two Boeing C-17 strategic transports, with the airlifter sporting a special livery for the Gulf state.

Boeing, which delivered the aircraft on 13 February, says the asset “will expand the Kuwait air force’s capabilities in military and civilian operations, including humanitarian aid and disaster relief.”

“When this C-17 arrives to deliver humanitarian aid or disaster relief anywhere in the world, people in need will know that the aid came from Kuwait,” says Col Abdullah Al Foudari, the air force’s deputy commander of the unique colour scheme.

Kuwait C-17 - Boeing


As with other international operators of the C-17, Boeing will support the Kuwaiti fleet via its Globemaster III integrated sustainment programme. It has previously signed a letter of intent to also acquire a second example.

Kuwait joins the air forces of Australia, Canada, India, Qatar, the UK, the United Arab Emirates and the USA in operating the C-17, along with a consortium of NATO and Partnership for Peace nations. Its first aircraft is the 260th of the type to have been delivered, Boeing says. The company is continuing with its efforts to find buyers for a remaining 15 units being built without confirmed customers.

Source: Flight International