LOCKHEED MARTIN is evaluating offering the Israeli Elta Phalcon phased-array radar on the airborne-early-warning (AEW) derivative of its C-130J Hercules 2 transport. The US company has applied for an export licence allowing it to discuss the AEWC-130J with Elta and hopes to begin talks within the next three to four months.

Lockheed Martin sees Israel as a potential market for a Phalcon-equipped C-130J within the next two to three years, but is also working to offer the AEW derivative with a choice of sensors to meet the needs of different countries. Among potential customers for an Elta-equipped aircraft is Turkey, which has close ties with Israel.

Lockheed Martin says that it is developing with Northrop Grumman a core mission system which will work with different radars. The baseline is the Lockheed Martin APS-145 system fitted to the Northrop Grumman E-2C. Australia has shortlisted the APS-145-equipped C-130J to meet its AEW requirement, but South Korea rejected a bid based on the mechanically scanned APS-145 and shortlisted only aircraft with phased-array radars. Elta's Phalcon, which until now has been fitted to a Boeing 707, has been shortlisted in both competitions.

Lockheed Martin subsequently signed an agreement to offer Ericsson's Erieye phased-array radar on the AEW C-130J and plans to submit a revised bid to South Korea in an effort to get back in the competition.

Source: Flight International