LOCKHEED MARTIN Tactical Systems has been selected by the US Air Force to build 16 Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (TARS) pods for use on Lockheed Martin F-16Cs operated by the Air National Guard.

Five ANG squadrons are due to receive the TARS. The 192nd Fighter Group operated four interim reconnaissance pods during a 45-day deployment to Bosnia earlier this year. The contract includes an option to replace or upgrade the 192nd's four interim systems.

Lockheed Martin was selected over Recon/Optical to integrate the reconnaissance systems, which include a Lockheed Martin pod, a digital Recon/Optical KS-87 camera, a Recon/Optical ground station and an Ampex digital tape recorder.

Aircraft modifications include a global-positioning-system receiver to aid in locating targets.

Source: Flight International