Ilyushin's recently revived Il-76 military and commercial transport was on display at the MAKS air show.

The only example of the modernised Il-76MD-90A2 variant, also known as Il-476, was presented to the public on the static display.

Ilyushin revived manufacturing after receiving a contract from Russia's trade ministry to build a new Il-76 with upgraded engines, a glass cockpit and improved landing gear and brakes.

Russia's defence ministry followed up by signing a contract for 39 new Il-76MD-90A2s.

Ilyushin Il-76 MD-90


The programme required Ilyushin to move production from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to a new Aviastar factory in Ulyanovsk, Russia, says Vladimir Belyakov, deputy director general of marketing at Ilyushin.

The new production effort also allowed Ilyushin to convert the Il-76 design drawings to digital files, he says.

Ilyushin is expected to deliver the first production aircraft to the Russian military in 2014.

Mikhail Pogosyan, chief executive of Ilyushin parent United Aircraft, says the company believes it can sell 150-200 Il-76MD-90A2s to domestic and export customers over the next 17 years. Pogosyan says a follow-on deal from the Russian military for a in-flight refuelling tanker version of the aircraft is anticipated shortly.

Meanwhile, Ilyushin is also pursuing certification of the Il-76MD-90A2 as a commercial freighter. Belyakov noted that a 30-strong Il-76 fleet once operated in Europe, servicing commercial airline fleets by transporting jet engines to repair centres.

Ilyushin hopes to revive that fleet of European-based Il-76 commercial freighters with the latest version, Belyakov says.

Source: Flight International