Mexico's CAA (DGAC) has temporarily suspended the operations of Magnicharters, a domestic Boeing 737 operator, based on maintenance related shortcomings.

It represents, after Azteca and RepublicAir, the third major jet operator grounding mandated by the Mexican authorities over safety concerns in little more than a year.

But an airline source says that "passengers will hardly be affected by the measures, as we are subcontracting flights to Aviacsa and other carriers or, at least, rebooking passengers on other carriers". 

Magnicharter operates three Boeing 737-300s and a pair of Boeing 737-200s.

According to the DGAC, an inspection of Magnicharter's maintenance procedures found safety relevant irregularities with the aircraft as well as with technical staff training. The airline now faces a 90 day deadline to either correct the problems or face permanent closure.

The Aviacsa source says the findings are related to “incorrect or incomplete maintenance documentation", saying the company has an administrative, but not a technical problem. He is confident the issues can be resolved quickly in order to get operations switched back to Magnicharters own aircraft "as soon as possible".

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Lead image: © Boeing (The Boeing 737-300 is now out of production) 

Source: Flight International