IAI has revealed a new loitering munition called Mini Harpy, which fits between its Green Dragon and Harpy/Harop family of loitering munitions.

“Based on unique IAI development and technology, the Mini Harpy combines the capabilities of the Company’s two flagship loitering missiles, the Harop and the Harpy, offering detection of broadcast radiation with electro optical capabilities,” says the company.

A company video shows the weapon being launched from a 10 round canister mounted on a truck. Later, it is guided to hit enemy targets by an operator using a handheld base station.

The Mini harpy can conduct both anti-radiation missions against emitting radars, or use its electro optical/infra-red sensor to locate and prosecute targets.

In one scene the weapon is heading toward an enemy truck, but as it approaches civilians are spotted in the vicinity. The operator is able to quickly abort the mission, with the Mini Harpy rapidly pulling out of its diving attack.

A company representative said that experience with users suggests that there was a gap in the market for a weapon of this size.

Source: FlightGlobal.com