ML AVIATION HAS acquired the product range of Frazer-Nash Defence Systems, a division of the UK's Airscrew Howden. The move is aimed at establishing the firm as "a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of airborne weapons carriage and release systems".

ML Aviation, a subsidiary of UK-based ML Holdings, will assume responsibility for all future product development and sales, while Airscrew Howden will retain responsibility for completing its existing contracts.

ML will offer missile-rail and eject launchers for the Hughes Advanced Medium-Range Air-To-Air Missile, British Aerospace ALARM, Sea Eagle and Skyflash missiles and Raytheon Sidewinder and Sparrow weapons. ML will also manufacture eight types of ejector-release units, as well as chaff-and-flare dispensers.

Through its shareholding in the European ACMA consortium, ML Aviation is also involved in the development of the weapons-carriage and release systems for the Eurofighter EF2000.

Source: Flight International