Swiss business aviation group Comlux is breaking into the US charter market with the launch of a Miami-based programme called OneAbove.

Fly Comlux, the VIP charter arm of the group, has AoCs in Malta, Aruba and Kazakhstan, so this service will allow its customers travelling within the country to access aircraft through a company-owned brokerage.

“This expansion in our charter business was driven by a high demand from our customers to have aircraft available around the world at the same time, and at the same time aircraft operators willing to outsource their charter sales activity,” says Andrea Zanetto, chief executive of Fly Comlux.

Comlux chief executive Richard Gaona says the company will partner with “two or three companies maximum” because “I want to make sure people share our values”.

Meanwhile, Comlux has appointed Boeing veteran Bill Koperek as executive vice-president of business development.

Source: Flight Daily News