By Graham Warwick in Washington DC

Sikorsky has delivered the first production modernised UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter to the US Army, as the first foreign military sales prospects appear.

US Congress has been notified of the potential $808 million sale of 24 UH-60Ms to the United Arab Emirates and a $252 million, nine-helicopter deal with Bahrain. If completed, the deals would be the first international sales of the upgraded Black Hawk.

The first low-rate initial production UH-60M for the US Army is the second new-build aircraft and follows seven helicopters remanufactured from older Black Hawks. The first two new-build UH-60Ms, along with four of the rebuilt aircraft, will begin operational testing in October.

The US Army plans to build 1,200 UH-60Ms featuring composite wide-chord rotor blades for increased lift, uprated General Electric T700-701D engines, and new avionics.

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Source: Flight International