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  • Avia becomes Africa's latest casualty casualty

Avia becomes Africa's latest casualty casualty

AVIA AIRLINES has filed for bankruptcy protection, becoming the latest casualty in the chequered history of recent South African start-ups.

The independent airline, which used a leased Boeing 747SP from South African Airways, began operations in May, flying three times a week from Johannesburg to London Gatwick.

Avia filed for provisional liquidation, similar to US Chapter 11 procedure, on 2 August, claiming liabilities of R21 million ($6 million).

Chairman and owner Gert de Klerk blames the collapse on a discount-ticket campaign, which had run out of control.

Sources within Avia's management say that the airline owes two months'-worth of lease payments.

Before its collapse, Avia had apparently been operating the 270-seat aircraft at load factors of around 80%. Plans had also been agreed to start flying to the USA.

Sources suggest that the liquidation was partially motivated, by de Klerk's reluctance to pay a R10 million deposit to the South African Civil Aviation Authority to cover potential claims in the event of bankruptcy.

Technically, Avia could re-emerge from the liquidation, but hundreds of passengers left stranded at Gatwick and Johannesburg were told that the company " longer exists as an airline ".

Avia joins a list of recent airline failures in the region, including US-based USAfrica, which entered Chapter 11 in 1994, but is now attempting a comeback on the US-South Africa route. Domestic carrier, Flitestar, also entered liquidation in 1994.