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  • Boeing order book exceeds 2011 delivery forecast

Boeing order book exceeds 2011 delivery forecast

Boeing's 2011 net order tally has risen to 465, exceeding its estimate for 2011 jetliner production on the back of surging demand for its long-range 777.

With 611 gross orders and 116 cancellations, Boeing has earned 495 net orders to date, accounted for almost entirely by its 737 and 777 programmes.

The company's latest guidance estimates 480 aircraft will be delivered in 2011.

Boeing added 66 gross orders this week, including 50 777-300ERs ordered by Emirates, two 777 freighters ordered by Qatar Airways at the Dubai air show, and the finalisation of an order by Singapore Airlines for eight 777-300ERs.

With a record 192 net orders in 2011, the 777 programme has added nearly two years of full production to its backlog, based on the company's plan to accelerate 777 output to 8.3 per month or 100 aircraft per year in 2013.

The 787 programme, which has lost a net total of 26 orders in 2011, added six aircraft from Oman Air, which were a conversion of six aircraft previously held by Kuwaiti lessor ALAFCO, resulting in no net change to the programme's backlog.

Further, the 737, 767 and 747 programme tallies remained unchanged in this week's order update, with 317, 14 and -1 net orders, respectively, in 2011.

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