Embraer sees E175 in sweet spot for China's regional push

China’s requirement for startup operators to fly regional aircraft before stepping up to larger jets is expected to drive sales of the Embraer E175-E1, says the airframer’s commercial head.

Speaking to FlightGlobal, Arjan Meijer says that the 88-seat regional jet could work well in the country as Beijing pushes for development of the regional aviation market.

“China has a programme in place to stimulate regional connectivity. The limitation they put on it is 100 seats,” he says. The E175-E1 is the perfect product from Embraer to offer that market. That segment is very compelling. We are working hard to get more 175E1s into China for that.”

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that there are no E175 operators in China at present, with most of the type flown by US operators. American Airlines recently ordered 15 E175s that will be delivered between March and November 2019.

By and large, regional jets have had limited penetration in China, with most carriers focusing on growing their fleet of Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies strong growth that is set to continue over the next decade.

Embraer has had success with the larger E190s and E195s, with 106 of the jets in service in China. That is expected to give the airframer a springboard for further sales of the re-winged and re-engined E2 series, which should also see some benefit from carriers looking to expand their networks in the west of the country.

“From a range perspective, from a hot and high performance perspective, we believe the E2 is a great vehicle and a great family for several airlines in China,” says Meijer.

Fleets Analyzer shows that GX Airlines has two E190-E2s on order, while lessor ICBC Leasing has a further 10.

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