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German Airways brand unifies Zeitfracht's LGW and WDL

Freight and logistics firm Zeitfracht Group is to market its regional carriers WDL Aviation and LGW under the brand German Airways.

The German corporate registry has been updated with a German Airways entry, dated September, from the parent company.

Zeitfracht states on one of its social media outlets that it is celebrating a "day of German unity".

It says WDL and LGW will operate under the German Airways brand, although will maintain separate air operator's certificates.

The company has unveiled a logo representative of a bird, with its wings and body bearing the three colours of the German flag.

LGW is a regional carrier operating 17 Bombardier Q400s on behalf of Eurowings, while WDL uses an all-jet fleet comprising three Embraer 190s and three British Aerospace 146s.

But LGW is intending to transition to a jet fleet by replacing its Q400s with Embraer 190s from the end of this year.

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