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  • Gulfstream G150 fleet surpasses 100,000 flight hours

Gulfstream G150 fleet surpasses 100,000 flight hours

The Gulfstream G150 business jet fleet has surpassed 100,000 flight hours nearly six-and-a-half years after the midsize aircraft entered service. The milestone comes as the 100th G150 rolls of its Tel Aviv production line - home of the G150's co-developer Israel Aerospace Industries

"With 95 aircraft in service, the fleet has flown more than 100,000 flight hours and achieved more than 72,000 landings," says Gulfstream. The Honeywell TFE731-40AR-powered, eight-seat aircraft "is certificated in 11 countries and has achieved 11 city-pair speed records, most recently Gander, Canada, to Geneva, Switzerland, in five hours and seven minutes", it adds.

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