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  • NBAA 09: Business Aviation, Ready to climb? Again

NBAA 09: Business Aviation, Ready to climb? Again

Gulfstream G250
 © Gulfstream

Last year's National Business Aviation Association convention in Orlando took place as the industry - and the world economy on which it depends - was falling off the precipice. Next week, a battle-scarred North American business aviation community will gather again in Florida anxious to spot signs of recovery. But after a year of job losses, cancelled programmes, company failures and media castigation, the mood will be downbeat. We look at the shape of the world's business aviation fleet, ask if the fractional model has passed its sell-by date and assess air taxi prospects in the USA. We also examine safety trends and in-flight connectivity, check out the latest avionics and visit Wichita, US business aviation capital. We fly the Emivest SJ30 and there is a cutaway and technical description of the Gulfstream G250.



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