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Qatar Airways recruiting for 747-8F crews

Qatar Airways has confirmed that it is to introduce Boeing 747-8 freighters to its fleet, after embarking on a recruitment drive for cockpit crew.

The airline states, in an advertisement, that it is hiring freighter captains and first officers for "our Boeing 747-8 fleet".

Qatar Airways has not specified how many of the type it plans to take.

But it says that it is seeking cargo type-rated captains and first officers able to join the airline in 2017-18.

Captains must have at least 6,000h total time including a minimum of 1,000 in command on 747-400s or -8s, it adds.

The airline is already a 747-400F operator, with a single example in its fleet.

Qatar Airways has ordered close to 200 aircraft from Boeing, including 16 777 freighters, but the US airframer has yet to list an order for 747-8Fs from the Doha-based carrier.

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