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  • TB20 production to go to Romania

TB20 production to go to Romania

EADS Socata is hoping to receive approval from the Romanian government before June to transfer production of its TB20 and TB21 piston-engine aircraft line to the eastern European country.

The deal, part of an offset agreement between EADS and Romania, will see the new production line established at Aerostar in Bacau, where the Yakovlev Yak-52 aerobatic trainer is built under licence.

Tarbes, south-west France-based Socata says that following the transfer it will begin an aggressive marketing campaign for the €400,000 ($520,000) all-metal TB-series, which is being built on a demand at a rate of around a dozen aircraft a year.

The first TB type was delivered 28 years ago and more than 2,150 have entered service worldwide. "There will be strong demand for replacement aircraft from individual and fleet owners, and particularly flying schools, which have a need for an aircraft with a retractable gear and complex systems for pilots who are transitioning to airliners," says Socata, which expects production of around 100 aircraft a year at the new site.

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Romania is set to host production of TB20 and TB21 piston singles