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Top Ten PICTURE stories of 2010

1. PICTURES: Finnish F-18 engine check reveals effects of volcanic dust

The Finnish air force has released images showing the effects of volcanic dust ingestion from inside the engines of a Boeing F-18 Hornet fighter, while it prepares to make inspections on several additional aircraft.

Five of the air force’s Hornets were involved in a training exercise on the morning of 15 April, just hours before the imposition of airspace restrictions due to the ash cloud spreading from a major volcanic eruption in Iceland.

2. PICTURES Qantas 747 uncontained engine failure

Pictures emerged of the damaged Rolls-Royce RB211 engine on a Qantas Airlines Boeing 747-400 that experienced an uncontained engine failure on departure from the San Francisco International airport en route to Sydney.

3. PICTURES: Extent of peripheral damage to Qantas A380 unclear

Evidence of damage to the upper surface of the wing of the Qantas Airbus A380 involved in an emergency landing in Singapore indicates a puncturing effect from high-speed debris during the event.

Qantas A380 engine failure wing puncture

4. PICTURES Airbus catalogues A380 damage

Airbus engineers on site in Singapore have provided to investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau a description of the main damage to the Qantas A380 stricken by the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine failure earlier this month.

5. PICTURES: Aires 737-700 crashes on landing in San Andres

At least one person has died after a Boeing 737-700 operated by Colombian carrier Aires crashed on landing at the Caribbean island of San Andres after a flight from Bogota.

6. PICTURES: Poland grounds Hercules fleet after Afghan mishap

Poland has grounded its two Lockheed Martin C-130Es following an accident in Afghanistan on 5 February.

Sources say aircraft "1506" suffered structural damage after its crew performed a 4g manoeuvre to avoid a collision with a mountain and struck tree tops. The incident is believed to have followed false indications from flight instruments, they claim.

7. PICTURES: US Air Force releases images of crashed C-17

The US Air Force has released the first images showing the wreckage of a Boeing C-17 strategic transport which crashed at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska on 28 July. Four personnel from the service’s 3rd Wing died in the accident.

8. PICTURES: Farnborough beckons for Italian UAV display team

Some of you may have fathomed that our Italian UAV team was a Flightglobal April Fools' Day prank. Those with a sharp eye might have been suspicious about the team-leader's name, and the 'Charlie Croker' picture credit - the artist behind the photos was, in fact, our own Gareth Burgess. For those who haven't seen it yet, it is still worth a read. Who knows? Maybe a UAV flying display team isn't too far away!


9. PICTURES: UK unveils Taranis stealth combat demonstrator

The UK has lifted the covers off its Taranis unmanned combat air system technology demonstrator, which will be flown for the first time in 2011.

Revealed at BAE Systems' Warton site in Lancashire on 12 July, Taranis is the product of a more than £140 million ($210 million) project involving the UK Ministry of Defence and an industry team including BAE, GE Aviation, Qinetiq and Rolls-Royce.

10. PICTURES & ANIMATION: X-51A Waverider reaches Mach 5 in 140s scramjet flight

US Air Force and Boeing researchers on 26 May took a leap towards harnessing hypersonic vehicles for space access or weapons applications with the longest-ever supersonic combustion ramjet-powered flight, off the southern California Pacific coast.
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