An advanced "single pivot" thrust reverser design for corporate and regional aircraft has been unveiled by Oklahoma-based nacelle and reverser specialist Nordam.

The Advanced Single Pivot (ASP) design is aimed at engines in the 2,000-10,000lb (9-45kN ) thrust range and, in some configurations, can be used to shape the exhaust stream for plume tailoring, or thrust attenuation.

The ASP is also more streamlined than the company's conventional "four-bar" reverser in which the unit is deployed by four individual actuators housed in "Stang" fairings. The ASP resembles the larger "clamshell" reverser design found on higher thrust engines including the Pratt & Whitney JT8D and BMW Rolls-Royce BR715.

Development testing and the assembly of pre-production hardware is expected to be completed in December, while engine endurance tests are expected to be finished in June 2000.

The final certification is anticipated in March 2001, adds Nordam, which says: "We are looking at several potential users in 1999-although we are not yet under contract to any particular manufacturer."

Source: Flight International