Low-cost carrier Norwegian is wet-leasing an Airbus A340 after deciding to take its second Boeing 787 out of service to settle recent operational difficulties.

Norwegian took delivery of its first 787 in June to operate on its new long-haul services, later adding a second of the type. But it has since faced several instances of disruption to the carrier's long-haul services which, at times, have taken both of its 787s out of service, forcing it to lease capacity from other operators.

"As we are not satisfied with the way this our second 787 has been performing, causing too many delays for our passengers, we are taking it out of long-haul service in order for Boeing to improve the operational stability of the aircraft to meet the level of stability we expect of a new aircraft," says a Norwegian spokesman.

"We are wet-leasing an A340 to operate until we are satisfied with the 787s performance," he adds.

Source: FlightGlobal.com