A breakdown of all the commercial airline orders and commitments announced at the Dubai air show

After home carriers Emirates and Flydubai led a bumper first day of business at the Dubai air show with deals for Boeing 777X and 787s, widebodies accounted for almost half the firm orders and commitments placed during the show.

Emirates closed the show with an order for 15 Airbus A350-900 meaning there have been 195 widebody commitments announced in Dubai. All but 15 of these are firm orders.

They accounts for almost half the 403 orders, options and purchase rights disclosed.

Emirates Boeing signing

Source: Emirates

Emirates signed for 90 777-8/9s and five more 787 Dreamliners during the Dubai air show

The majority, 174 units, of the widebody business was secured by Boeing. 

In addition to the 90 777-8s and -9s ordered by Emirates – as well as five more 787s – and 30 Dreamliners by Flydubai, Boeing obtained widebody business from Ethiopian, Royal Jordanian and Royal Air Maroc.

Ethiopian committed to up to 26 787-9s, while Royal Jordanian and Royal Air Maroc committed to six and two more Dreamliners respectively.

Dubai air show 2023 order announcements by market segment
Aircraft typeFirm ordersOptionsTotal
 Source: FlightGlobal analysis: firm orders include MoUs; options include purchase rights
Narrowbodies 102 86 188
Widebodies 180 15 195
Regional 10 10 20
Total 292 111 403

EgyptAir has provided Airbus with its other widebody deal, signing for 10 A350-900s, while Ethiopian also signed an MoU for 11 A350-900s.

Airbus business at Dubai also includes 30 firm orders and 20 more purchase rights from Latvian carrier Air Baltic for A220 narrowbodies.

Boeing secured 138 Max commitments at the show, just over half of which are firm deals. That includes a follow-on order from SunExpress for 45 firm and 45 options for 737 Max 8s and Max 10s. Ethiopian – withits first Max order since a fatal crash with the type four years ago – and Kazakhstan’s SCAT Airlines were the other Boeing narrowbody customers.

On the regional side, ATR secured a follow-on order from lessor Abelo for 10 firm ATR 72-600s and 10 options.

Dubai air show 2023 Order Tracker
CustomerManufacturerAircraft typeFirm ordersOptionsTotalNotes
 Source: FlightGlobal analysis of show announcements; Firm orders include MoUs; Options include purchase rights;
Emirates Boeing 777-8/9 90   90 55 x -9s, 35 x -8s
SunExpress Boeing 737 Max 45 45 90 28 x Max 8, 17 x Max 10
Flydubai Boeing 787-9 30   30  
Air Baltic Airbus A220-300 30 20 50  
Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-8 20 21 41  
Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-9 11 15 26  
Emirates Airbus A350-900 15   15  
Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350-900 11   11 MoU
EgyptAir Airbus A350-900 10   10  
SCAT Airlines Boeing 737-8 7   7 previously undisclosed in Boeing backlog
Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-9 6   6 4 x new, 2 x reinstated orders
Emirates Boeing 787 5   5  
Royal Air Maroc Boeing 787-9 2   2 previously undisclosed in Boeing backlog
Abelo ATR ATR 72-600 10 10 20 to be finalised by year-end
TOTAL     292 111 403  

The strong order activity marked the busiest Dubai air show since 2017. That year there were 874 orders and commitments announced, bolstered by large Boeing Max and Airbus neo narrowbody deals from Flydubai and Indigo Partners respectively.

Order activity was also shy of 2013, which notably included 623 commitments on the first day - including from Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways – when Boeing formally launched the 777X.

Article updated on 17 November to include Emirates A350-900 order