Ordos City has signed a contract for a Kamov Ka-32A11BC coaxial rotor helicopter for use in a firefighting role.

Ordos City, located in Inner Mongolia province, will receive the aircraft in September 2012, said Russian Helicopters - a holding company for Russia's state-owned helicopter manufacturers.

The Ka-32A11BC will be optimised for firefighting, with equipment including a water cannon and a water dumping system. The helicopter can transport up to 5 tonnes of water.

Kamov Ka-32A11BC,
 © Kamov

Russian Helicopters said the helicopter's coaxial rotors allow the aircraft to manoeuvre close to obstacles and "achieve extreme hover accuracy" in the unstable atmosphere near fires.

The Ordos City Ka-32A11BC is the second example of the type in China. The first is operated by the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration.

Source: Flight International