German light sport aircraft manufacturer Remos believes there is a huge potential for the LSA segment in China as restrictions on private aviation are relaxed and enthusiasts look to take their first step into flying their own aircraft.

The company - which unveiled its latest model, the GX NXT, at Oshkosh - hopes to deliver its first aircraft to China in a few months.

"It is not the first, but it will be one of the first LSAs in the country," Remos head of design Christian Majunke says.


Eventually, the Pasewalk-based company wants to establish a global network of dealers, including in other emerging markets such as India and Russia.

Remos was founded in 1994 and has sold 150 examples of its flagship model, the GX, since it was introduced three years ago - half in Europe, half in North America.

Latest versions are the GX eLITE - a lighter, cheaper aircraft which dispenses with some of the cockpit sophistication and is aimed at the European market - and the GX NXT, with enhanced avionics and pitched at North America.

The company describes itself as the "Mercedes Benz" of LSA.

"We are not the fastest and don't have the biggest baggage compartment, but we think our aircraft has the best flying qualities," Majunke says.

Source: Flight International