Pakistan could acquire more Jordanian Lockheed Martin F-16 A/B Block 15 aircraft, as it prepares to receive the final two examples of the current deal for 13 aircraft.

An air force spokesman says the number of F-16’s could increase, but did not provide specific numbers.

From late April, Pakistan has received 11 former Jordanian F-16s. The arrival of the last two aircraft is expected soon, says the spokesman.

Pakistan decided to acquire used aircraft, as opposed to new ones, owing to budgetary concerns.

Based on Flightglobal’s World Air Force’s directory, the deal reduces Jordan’s F-16 fleet to 29 examples, and boosts Pakistan’s to 50.

Media reports from Pakistan quote air force officials saying that on average the airframes still have 3,000 flying hours, and should serve for an additional 20 years.