The RAF Tornado GR4 upgrade project began in 1996. The mid-life update (MLU) is intended to improve the aircraft's covert operational capability and includes a GPS, FLIR and night-vision-compatible cockpit. With the completion of the 35 electronic combat and reconnaissance aircraft for the German air force in 1994, the only new-build aircraft, taking the order book to 974, is the second batch of 48 interdictor strike aircraft for Saudi Arabia. Deliveries began in 1996 and will be completed in 1998. Italy and Germany are also carrying out upgrade packages to their interdictor/strike Tornado aircraft.

Customers - IDS: Germany 322, Italy 99, Saudi Arabia 96, UK 228 ECR: Germany 35, Italy 16 (converted) ADV: Saudi Arabia 24, UK 170.

Source: Flight International