EADS says that losing the US Air Force tanker contest has left it in a stronger position in the transatlantic market. "We have had a huge gain in acceptance by the Pentagon," said chief executive Louis Gallois. "The tanker was a lost business opportunity but it is not the end of the world."

EADS chief executive Louis Gallois says he will have no say in who takes his job when his term of office ends. His departure is likely to produce a scramble for the top role. "The process is very well prepared," said Gallois. "But unlike some companies, I cannot designate my successor."

EADS chief executive Louis Gallois has admitted the company considered rebranding as Airbus. "It went through my mind. It has a rationale," said Gallois. However, he said giving the entire organisation a brand associated with civil aircraft "could create certain difficulties".

EADS will not attempt to sell or find new shareholders for its wholly-owned aerostructures specialists, Premium Aerotec of Germany and Aerolia of France, until the A350 is in production, said chief executive Louis Gallois.

Source: Flight Daily News