Egypt’s recent order for 24 Dassault Rafales has hit the spot for Sagem, with the French armaments specialist to arm the fleet with AASM “Hammer” air-to-surface weapons.

Announced at the show, the order covers all three versions of the combat-proven weapon, which respectively combine INS/GPS, infrared and laser guidance modes. Deliveries will commence towards the end of 2016, says Sagem, which also will supply support services under the deal.

Sagem says the Hammer’s stand-off range – which exceeds 32nm (60km) – will give the Egyptian air force “a significant operational advantage”, as its Rafales will gain the ability “to conduct all-weather, day/night precision ground strikes against fixed and moving targets”.

Operational with the French air force and navy, the AASM – which adds precision guidance and propulsion kits to standard bombs – entered operational use in 2008.

Also at the show, Sagem and its partner Rafaut are proposing a Hammer integration for the Lockheed Martin C-130 tactical transport.

Source: Flight Daily News