Among the slick fighters and large airliners on static display it would be easy to overlook the unglamorous Air Tractor AT-802U single-engined turboprop.

Nonetheless, light attack aircraft such as the Air Tractor are receiving growing interest from air forces, which increasingly require aircraft with punch and endurance for counterinsurgency missions.

US firm Moog has capitalised on this trend with its Integrated Stores Management and Deliver System (ISMDS). The company recently supplied "a significant number" of ISMDS units to a US contractor that integrated the systems for a nation operating Air Tractors in a border patrol mission.

Air Tractor AT-802U
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Moog's offering comprises several components: a stores management/mission computer, an armament control panel, an airborne mapping system, and a targeting pod housing assembly. It also includes a pylon launch and rail launch capability.

During missions ISMDS communicates what is attached to each pylon to the cockpit through the armament control panel. Its targeting pod can acquire objects and send co-ordinates to the stores management computer. "The ISMDS is very modular," said Michael Brunner, business development manager for Moog's space and defence group.

"The baseline design can manage one to seven weapon stations and the electric ejector racks in the pylon can accommodate any standard 14in [355mm] NATO lug. A rocket or rail launch system can be integrate if desired. Several weapons have already been integrated with the Moog system."

Source: Flight Daily News