French start-up Vaylon is hoping to attract interest in its novel take on a flying car, which the manufacturer claims can take off in a distance of under 300m (984ft).

The Pegase is based around a lightweight, rugged all-terrain vehicle constructed using a tubular steel frame, which weighs around 300kg (661lb).

Lift comes from a 40m² (431ft²) parachute canopy coupled with a Rotax 912 100hp (75kW) petrol engine driving a specially manufactured Arplast four-blade fan.

The parachute wing takes around 5min to deploy, says chief executive Jérôme Dauffy, and a similar amount of time to stow. The system is efficient enough to allow it to reach an altitude of 9,840ft, he says.

Vaylon flying car

Dominic Perry/Flightglobal

Initial trials have been conducted in co-operation with France's DGA military procurement body which has been evaluating its suitability for use by special forces. It was displayed on the DGA stand at Poland's MSPO defence exhibition.

Dauffy says it can accommodate two commandos plus their equipment.

And although it is initially targeting sales to the military, Dauffy says a civil version is also planned which will retail for around €100,000 ($132,000).

He hopes serial production can start in 2016.