German leisure carrier LTU has unveiled a new livery to coincide with delivery of its latest Airbus A330-200 and signifying its development beyond pure charter operations.

LTU’s latest A330-200, which will take its long-haul fleet up to a dozen, enters service in May and will debut LTU’s new livery. While retaining red and white as its principle colours, the new design scaps the current red colouring across the upper fuselage. The tail remains red and this slopes to and runs along the underside of the fuselage. A silver strip will separate the red and white portions of the fuselage.

A330 LTU new W445

“The fresh, modern look of the Airbus is not only a sign of external change, but also stands for the transformation of the former vacation carrier into an airline with standard routes and extremely attractive price-to-performance ratios for vacationers and business travellers,” LTU says.

Meanwhile LTU said talks are continuing with potential investors in the airline. LTU last month revealed it was in talks with several parties interested in taking a stake in the airline, including Condor’s majority owner Thomas Cook – which is being acquired by retailer KarstadtQuelle.

“There are talks and negotiations with several partners. Condor could possibly be a preferred partner,” says a spokesman, pointing to the complementary fit between the two carriers. “But the talks are not so far as we can provide more information.”

LTU is 55% owned by investment group Intro and 45% by Meerbusch-based Marbach Beteiligung und Consulting (MIC), the investment organisation linked with LTU chief Jurgen Marbach