Selex Galileo has completed development tests with a new version of its Mirach subsonic aerial target.

Dubbed the 100/X, the design uses a Williams International WJ38-7T engine, and features new avionics and improved aerodynamics when compared with the Mirach 100/5 target.

Completed in October, the test campaign “effectively demonstrated the 100/X’s maximum speed and high-g load factor capabilities”, says Selex. The new design “performed as predicted in the previous modelling and simulation work”, it adds.

 Mirach 1000X - Selex Galileo
© Selex Galileo

Selex believes its new product “represents an affordable, high fidelity aerial target solution, ready to represent today and tomorrow’s missile and aircraft threats for armed forces around the world.”

The reusable Mirach 100/5 system has been used by nations including Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and the UK. The design has a maximum weight of 330kg (727lb), including a 60kg-plus, a top speed of Mach 0.85 and can manoeuvre at up to 8g.