The Afghan national army air corps displayed its expanding capabilities during the country’s annual Victory Day parade, which took place in the capital Kabul on 28 April.

Two of the Afghan military’s recently delivered Alenia Aeronautica G222/C-27A tactical transports took part in the event, flying in formation with an Antonov An-32. Three refurbished G222s have so far been delivered under a US Air Force-brokered deal to modernise 18 ex-Italian air force aircraft for Afghanistan.

Afghan G222s - NATO 
© Staff Sgt Markus Maier/NATO Training Mission Afghanistan

Four Mil Mi-24/35 attack helicopters and eight Mi-17 transports were also involved in the parade, which commemorates the Mujahedeen’s 1992 overthrow of the country’s Soviet-backed socialist government.

Afghan helos - US Navy 
© Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Quillen/US Navy

“This was the largest demonstration this year of the skill that the Air Corps has been developing since its inception,” says the NATO Training Mission Afghanistan organisation.

The Afghan military now has an active inventory of 30 fixed-wing aircraft and 57 helicopters, as listed in Flightglobal’s MiliCAS and HeliCAS databases.