Selex Galileo has performed the first flight of its Falco Evo tactical unmanned air vehicle, with the 40min debut having been conducted from the Bulgarian air force's Cheshnegirovo air base.

In a 24 July statement, the Finmeccanica company said the extended endurance version of its in-service Falco design was flown to an altitude of only 1,500ft (460m) to check its three flap configurations, and handled "exceptionally well".

 Falco Evo flies - Selex Galileo

Selex Galileo

"After performing several approaches aimed at verifying the behaviour during landing, the Falco Evo touched down smoothly and returned to the hangar, where it will await further trials including testing of its flight and mission envelopes," Selex Galileo said.

Capable of carrying a maximum payload of 100kg (220lb) and with a flight endurance of up to 18h, the Falco Evo design was unveiled at the Paris air show in June 2011 (below).

 Falco Evo Paris - BillyPix


Source: Flight International