Lockheed Martin is poised to deliver the first F-16C fighter under Greece's Peace Xenia IV attrition buy of the type, with the aircraft having made its debut flight from the company's Fort Worth site in Texas early last month.

Pictured during its 5 December first flight, the single-seat example is one of 30 new Block 52+ aircraft scheduled for delivery to the Greek air force by late this year. The 20 F-16Cs and 10 two-seat D-model trainers will bolster the service's current operational F-16 inventory, which totals 131 aircraft, according to Flight's MiliCAS database.

 F-16 Greece 1 - LM

 F-16 Greece 2 - LM

Both images © Lockheed Martin

Lockheed says it expects to deliver the first aircraft under the order during January, but declines to reveal and exact schedule for the handover.

Source: Flight International