The pilot of a Spanish air force Boeing F/A-18 escaped with minor injuries when he was forced to eject from his single-seat fighter during a night-time exercise on 2 April.

Spain's defence ministry confirms that the aircraft crashed on part of the Bardenas Reales weapons range near Caparroso at around 22:30 local time.

Assigned to the air force's 121st Sqn, part of its 12th Wing based at Torrejon air base near Madrid, the downed aircraft was participating in a night training mission with three other aircraft from the same unit, the service says.

 F/A-18 Spain - Spanish air force
© Spanish air force

A team from Spain's Technical Commission of Inquiry into Military Aircraft Accidents will investigate the cause of the crash, the defence ministry says.

Spain had an active fleet of 89 EF-18A/Bs before the 2 April loss, according to Flight's MiliCAS database.

Source: Flight International