Airbus has formally listed the 251t version of its re-engined A330neo as a new weight variant, detailing the aircraft’s basic characteristics.

The airframer has revised its airport planning documentation to feature the data for the higher-weight A330-900 and -800.

Airbus lists three new variants for the -900 – designated WV920, WV921 and WV922 – which provide maximum take-off weights from 247t to 251t, including a dynamic payload option.

There are three corresponding variants – WV820, WV821 and WV822 – for the smaller A330-800, with the same MTOW capabilities.

Maximum zero-fuel weights of the new versions are unchanged, and range between 177-181t for the -900 and 172-176t for the -800.

The previous highest MTOW of the -800 and -900 was 242t.

Airbus intends the 251t version to enter service in 2020, increasing the range of the A330-900 to 7,200nm and that of the -800 to 8,150nm.

Source: Cirium Dashboard