The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will examine the fuel usage of its Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transports with the goal of identifying areas where fuel can be saved.

The 12-month trial will record fuel consumption by 37 Sqn at RAAF Richmond, New South Wales, the air force said.

"The fuel management trial will record how the C-130J Hercules' engines consume fuel during different stages of flight and when undertaking different tasks so in the future the air force will be able to carry out their operations and training in a more fuel-efficient way," the RAAF added.

 RAAF C-130J - Commonwealth of Australia

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During the trial, air force personnel will work with representatives of Rolls-Royce, which produce the C-130J's four AE2100D3 turboprops. Findings could also be applied to operations involving Australia's legacy C-130H fleet.

The trial falls under Australia's Strategic Reform Programme, an aim of which is to reduce the air force's environmental footprint. Over the remainder of the decade, the RAAF hopes to reduce its petroleum, oils and lubricants budget by about A$150 million ($159 million).

Source: Flight International