Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons will be stationed on the outskirts of London as part of the UK armed forces' contribution to the security effort around the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Ministry of Defence said the Typhoons would be temporarily stationed at RAF Northolt, Middlesex, for the duration of the Games, to aid the implementation of airspace security.

It is unknown from where the aircraft will be drawn, but the southern QRA force at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, is the most likely candidate.

In addition, HMS Ocean will be berthed in the Thames at Greenwich to provide a helicopter landing site. Eurocopter Puma HC1 and AgustaWestland Lynx helicopters will operate from the ship's six helicopter landing spots.

Ground-based air defence capabilities will support the airspace security effort, said the MoD.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: "Next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games are once-in-a-generation events for the UK. We want them to be secure, so that all those competing and attending can enjoy the Games for the celebration of sporting achievement and cultural celebration that it is.

"The Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force between them will provide up to 13,500 personnel. Up to 7,500 of them will support the smooth running of Olympic sites and, while the remainder will use their specialist capabilities and equipment to contribute to the delivery of Olympic security."

Source: Flight International