Warsaw Chopin airport hopes Poland's co-hosting of the UEFA European Championship football tournament next summer will help boost travel to the country in the long term.

Poland will co-host Euro 2012 with the Ukraine between 8 June and 1 July, with the opening match in Warsaw.

"We are benefiting in two ways," explained Piotr Nalej, Warsaw Chopin airport's commercial bureau director.

"The first, is there will be a short-lived increase in passenger flow [during the tournament itself], while the second is it will help with the promotion of Warsaw and Poland."

The airport handled 8.7 million passengers in 2010, up 4.7% on 2009, and expects to pass 10 million in 2015.

Investment in new facilities is also ongoing to upgrade the airport's infrastructure and support carriers looking to bring higher-yield passengers into Poland.

Developments include the modernisation of its runway, ramp development, a new five-star hotel, and a neighbouring airport city.

Source: Flight Daily News