THE FIRST TWO SAAB 340s featuring extended wingtips for improved "hot-and-high" performance have been delivered to Canadian regional carrier Calm Air.

The first aircraft was originally delivered in late 1994, but was modified and re-delivered in October 1995. Calm Air received a second, brand-new, aircraft on 8 November. The modification, has also been selected by AMR Eagle for 25 Saab 340s, it has on order.

Saab says that the 1m-greater wingspan boosts field performance. It allows a gross-weight increase of 450kg for hot-and-high operations from short- to medium-length runways, and permits a 680kg increase at sea level.

Johan Oster, Saab executive vice-president for operations, says that the modification "...extends the market that we can reach". Although it is still a customer option, Oster expects the enhancement to be specified for "...a high fraction of the aircraft we deliver from now on".

Source: Flight International