XL Airways, a Paris-based low-cost long-haul carrier, announced on its website that it will stop selling tickets effective 19 September.

“Due to its financial difficulties, we are deeply sorry to announce that XL Airways is stopping selling tickets effective today,” the statement reads. “Some of our flights may have to be cancelled.”

Attempts to contact the airline by phone and email went unanswered.

XL has is affiliated with another French carrier, all-business-class airline La Compagnie. A media representative for La Compagnie could not immediately say if La Compagnie’s operations are affected, though that carrier is still selling tickets on its website. The representative also declined to discuss XL’s status.

XL, which said in January that it was planning to lease two Airbus A330-900s and retrofit its four A330s as part of a fleet modernisation programme, was not available to comment.

The new widebodies were to be used to take advantage of new “long-haul opportunities”. Accommodating up to 440 passengers, the aircraft were to be fitted with a premium economy section.

XL is a long-haul airline providing scheduled air services in conjunction with tour operators to destinations in the French West Indies, Indian Ocean and the United States. Long-haul charter services are also offered to destinations including the Bahamas, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Mexico and Thailand.

XL Airways and French niche carrier La Compagnie joined forces in December 2016. At the time, XL Airways insisted the combination was not a merger, with both companies continuing to operate separately under their own brands.

Source: FlightGlobal.com