No passengers or crew were injured when a Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 suffered an apparent runway excursion at Manila on 16 August, the airline confirms.

All 157 passengers and eight crew on the aircraft evacuated safely, the carrier says in a social media post.

The incident occurred as flight 8667 from Xiamen landed in Manila at 23:55 local time, Xiamen says.

Pilots of the aircraft (registration B-5498 and MSN 37574) circled above Manila repeatedly prior to attempting to land, according to FlightGlobal's flight tracking site

The 737-800 exited the runway while landing, coming to rest on its belly and apparently losing the left-side engine in the process, according to photographs and reports.

The crew carried out an emergency evacuation, Xiaman says.

The 737 was delivered new to Xiamen in 2010, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

Source: Cirium Dashboard