GE Aviation is developing a version of its FlightPulse pilot efficiency tool for Swiss and is designing an updated version of the technology for existing customer Qantas.

In September, a group of Swiss pilots will begin testing FlightPulse, an application-based product that provides pilots with aircraft data specific to individual pilots' flights, GE Aviation says.

During a yearlong evaluation process Swiss will "confirm the effectiveness of this application in helping pilots make better decisions, contributing to safe operations", says Swiss head of flight safety Phillipp Sporli. "We believe that this data will make a difference in the hands of pilots, and look forward to proving this during the evaluation."

The FlightPulse app can show pilots "personal" flight metrics. It also compares the efficiency and fuel usage of flights they operate to the efficiency of other pilots' flights, according to GE Aviation.

The US aerospace company, which launched FlightPulse in 2017 with Qantas, is also developing an updated version of the system for the Australian carrier.

"The new module will provide rich historical data for pilots to identify any safety-related or general traffic flow considerations, and help minimise fuel burn, at specific airports or runways," says GE Aviation. "Pilots will be able to access the data before each flight to help with their decision making."

Source: Flight Daily News