A United Airlines Boeing 777-200 was diverted from its route to Japan after losing a tire on take-off from San Francisco International airport. 

Images circulating on social media on 7 March show the tire falling from the 777 – operating as United flight 35 from San Francisco to Osaka, Japan – and apparently damaged vehicles in the long-term parking area of the airport. 

The widebody aircraft was diverted to Los Angeles, where it landed safely at roughly 13:30 local time. 

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A United 777-200 loses a tire on 7 March after taking off from San Francisco International airport

United confirms the incident, adding it is “arranging for a new aircraft to continue this trip for our customers”. 

The Chicago-based carrier says the 777-200 has “six tires on each of its two main gear struts” and that the “aircraft is designed to land safely with damaged or missing tires”. 

The aircraft had 235 passengers, 10 flight attendants and four pilots on board. 

The Federal Aviation Administration say it is investigating the flight, and directs all information regarding potential debris from the aircraft to the San Francisco Police Department’s airport bureau. 

The National Transportation Safety Board did not immediately comment on the incident.