Sagem's Patroller unmanned air vehicle has completed its latest series of flight tests, which it says proved the design can meet a projected mission endurance of 20-30h.

The French company has meanwhile outlined its vision for a product range including three versions of the medium-altitude, long-endurance type. These could be available for around €20-30 million ($25-38 million) per system, depending on configuration, with each to comprise three air vehicles and one ground control station.

First deliveries could be made within 12-18 months of a contract award for the 1t-class development of the Stemme S-15, it says. "We can offer flights for possible customers now," it adds.

 Patroller flight Istres - Sagem
© Olivier Lapy/Sagem

In addition to the Patroller R surveillance platform already tested (above), Sagem is offering the aircraft in maritime surveillance and homeland security variants, respectively designated as the Patroller M and S.

Conducted from the French air force's Istres flight test centre between 26 May and 2 July, the recent fourth campaign included 10 qualification flights with a pilot on board, followed by five conducted in UAV mode. Sorties averaged 2.5h in length, but Sagem says fuel consumption was compliant with, or exceeded its 30h endurance goal.

 Patroller Istres - Sagem
© Philippe Wodka-Gallien/Sagem

Capable of carrying a 250kg (550lb) payload, including a maximum 80kg under each wing, the Patroller R can carry or auxiliary fuel tanks, or potentially Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles or laser-guided rockets, Sagem says.

Source: Flight International