Lindegaard's full plate

The boardroom shifts at SAS have left group president Jürgen Lindegaard caretaking the post of chief operating officer of SAS Airline and the manager responsible for Airline Support & Related Businesses, one of the group's four new business areas.

The Dane is caretaking the portfolios while SAS seeks three top executives to bolster its team. The other open portfolio is that of chief financial officer (CFO). This is being looked after by former CFO Gunnar Reitan, who now leads the Subsidiary Airlines & Hotels business area. The final area, Corporate Administration & Support, has been handed to long-serving Bernhard Rikardsen, ex- SAS senior vice-president human resources.

The company has been left short-handed in its upper echelons following the recent resignation of highly rated and popular Marie Ehrling, who headed SAS Airline. She left the group on 1 July on six months' full pay, but has yet to indicate what her future career plans are, although she is expected not to be short of offers from within and outside the airline industry.

Mark Pilling London

Source: Airline Business