Elta Systems has introduced a new towed missile decoy that can be used on special mission and VIP aircraft.

The ELL-8270 is designed for ease of use. When an aircraft enters airspace where radar-guided anti-aircraft missiles are a threat, the decoy can be deployed behind the aircraft.

Functioning for several hours, the decoy will create a high-radar cross section false target that can draw approaching missiles away. The system can handle multiple threats, is lightweight, and requires minimal maintenance, says Elta.

The system acts entirely on its own, and does not share data with the aircraft. While it is technically possible to send data from the decoy to the aircraft, this would serve to add complexity to the system. After the mission, the decoy is simply released.

Special mission aircraft are a major theme of this year’s show. Regional militaries are interested in platforms that can perform missions such as maritime patrol, signals intelligence and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

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Source: FlightGlobal.com