Singapore general aviation services firm MAJ Aviation has officially opened its General Aviation Centre (GAC) at Seletar Aerospace Park, which includes the world's first two-storey aircraft storage carousel.

Each level of the carousel can accommodate five to six single-engine aircraft. Aircraft can be moved to the second level on an elevator platform, similar to those found on aircraft carriers.

To maximise space, aircraft are parked on the carousel with their tails facing inwards.

In addition to providing aircraft storage, the GAC also provides maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services, and several general aviation firms have offices in the building.

The GAC hangar was completed in just 10 months, said MAJ managing director Khoo Beng Keat. He added that its location at the centre of Seletar's single runway provides good access for aircraft.

MAJ is also involved in sourcing aviation mechanics for customers, fixing seats for commercial aircraft, and consultancy services. The company has plans for an additional general aviation hangar at Seletar, and is exploring the idea of creating a carousel hangar large enough to accommodate private jets.

Source: Flight International