Hamilton Sundstrand's NP2000 eight-bladed propeller system has passed with flying colours following an initial series of tests on the US Navy's E-2C Hawkeye early-warning aircraft.

Selected in 1997 for the Hawkeye and the C-2A Greyhound carrier on-board delivery aircraft, NP2000 replaces Hamilton Sundstrand's earlier 54H60.


"The aircraft and propeller system operated flawlessly throughout the two-hour flight, completing 100% of the priority test manoeuvres," says Navy test pilot Glen Jamison.

"The results matched our predictions for engine-propeller compatibility, structural loads and aircraft handling qualities. "I was impressed by the substantial reduction in cockpit vibration and noise levels."


With all-composite blades, the NP2000 is a military derivative of the commercial six-blade 568F, which has accumulated more than 500,000 flight hours since entering service in 1995.

NP2000 is also a candidate for P-3C Orion and C-130 Hercules modernisation programmes.

Source: Flight Daily News